Walnut Gougeres

I have a friend who makes the best gougeres, she whips up a double batch when we head over and I’m always in charge of the nutmeg grating and our other friend is on cheese duty but the magic at the stove is all hers and I have never thought to step on her toes by giving this a go…. until I was flicking through one of my favourite cookbooks (actually given to me by said friend) and I drooled a little at the Roquefort and Walnut Gougeres.

So I thought I’d step on a few toes and have a go. I did substitute the Roquefort for good old Cheddar (to appease the small ones but actually it’s me, I don’t like Roquefort!) and although the recipe is in the book I found it featured on Glamour – so all the details are there if you’d like to have a go.

The thing that I love about gougeres is that you must eat them almost as soon as they leave the oven, that way you experience the full, light, airy, cheesy clouds of deliciousness. My friends and I joke that we need to create a conveyor belt from oven to mouth, that would surely be the best way to devour these heaven sent puffs?

walnut & cheddar gougeres recipe food photography

The full recipe is in Mimi Thorisson’s wonderful cookbook

or on the Glamour website

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