Homemade Vegetarian Pizza with Brie & Artichokes

Another option for a homemade pizza (see our Roasted Vegetable pizza here) where you make your own dough, sauce and pile the toppings as high as you can! Fresh, healthy and more yummy than anything delivered on a learner moped. Recipe below…



Homemade Pizza Artichoke, Pepper & Brie.

For the dough


300g Strong Bread Flour

Tsp fast action yeast (we used Allison but supermarkets have their own brands)

Tsp of salt

Tbsp Olive Oil

100ml warm water


  • Put the flour in a large bowl
  • Stir in the yeast and salt
  • Make a well in the flour and pour in the warm water and olive oil
  • Bring together with wooden spoon until you have soft, fairly wet dough, turn out on to lightly floured surface and knead for 5 minutes.
  • Put your ball of dough back into the bowl and cover with cling film (this works better than a tea towel as no air gets in and it prevents a skin from forming)
  • Leave for 1 hour to prove / rise
  • After an hour, the dough should have doubled or so in size, remove the cling film and punch it, this is to remove the air
  • Roll out on lightly floured surface. Depending on your dish or baking tray you can have one large round/rectangle or make two smaller rounds/rectangles.

Homemade Tomato Sauce


1 tin of plum tomatoes

Fresh basil, torn

1 clove of garlic, crushed

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 heaped teaspoon of Sundried tomato paste

1 tablespoon olive oil

pinch of sugar


  • Heat the olive oil in a saucepan
  • Add the crushed garlic, making sure it doesn’t burn
  • Add the tomatoes, salt, pepper and sugar
  • You now need to allow the sauce to reduce so you get a thick, concentrated sauce
  • Keep on a low heat, without a lid, for about an hour
  • Half way through add the torn basil
  • Once it’s ready remove from the heat and spread on your dough
  • You can also double your quantities and freeze half, this sauce makes a great base for pasta dishes too.

Pizza topping ingredients

1 jar of Artichokes, drained, slice thinner if they are too big

½ red and ½  yellow chargrilled peppers (you can also buy these in a jar)

1 heaped tbsp. of Pinenuts

100g of Brie, sliced

Handful of Rocket

Dried Thyme

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees (Fan) 220 degrees (no fan)
  • In a dry frying pan, toast the pinenuts, they burn quickly, 30 seconds or so should be enough
  • If you are using fresh peppers, hold the pepper over the gas flame on a toasting fork (something with a long handle) 2-3 minutes should be enough
  • Slice the peppers
  • Slice the Brie

To Assemble the Pizza

  • The dough is rolled into whatever shape/dish you have
  • Spread the tomato sauce (leave a little edge around the dough)
  • Arrange the artichokes, sliced peppers, followed by the Brie and sprinkle with thyme
  • Put it in the oven for 15 mins
  • Remove from the oven
  • Sprinkle with the pinenuts and rocket
  • Serve immediately



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