Food Photography Workshop


A few weeks ago, I taught at my third Food Photography and Styling workshop with Emily Quinton at her Makelight Studio.

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I made a pie (I confess the lettering was done by Michael as I lack the patience!) and I took that along in a loaded car with my favourite props, linens, cutlery and heritage vegetables. Emily had just moved into her new space, which I think is four times bigger than her previous studio, it’s cavernous! But the cosy, friendly and warm atmosphere she had previously was still there, as is the copious amount of natural light.


The day structure is loosely arranged to start with coffee, chat and introductions. Followed by my take on Food Photography and Styling. I give some beginners tips, some starting points, things to avoid and advice on how to work with what you have. I don’t have a beautiful light filled studio like Emily and most of my images are taken in our home in our ‘make-shift’ studio area. I know the best light, time and I plan what I want to do and why.

After some questions, I demonstrate a ‘Story’ from gathering the props, the food I’m photographing and I take photos along the way so the attendees can see the process from a bunch of ‘things’ to an image I’m happy with. I faff, I move things, I add and I take away but usually there’s method in my madness and I can explain why something didn’t feel or look right.

When I’m happy, everyone can take a shot of my set up and then it’s on to another Food Story, another start to finish example of how I’d get to the final image.


Lunch is brought up from the canteen downstairs and we can chat about anything before it’s time for the attendees to have a go. We had beautiful cakes brought in by Charlie (thank you!) from Bluebell Kitchen and if you are starting to photograph food, prettier options, like cake or fruit can be an inspiring place to start rather than trying to get a stew or roast to look great at the first attempt.

Myself and Emily were on hand to set up smaller vignettes and all of Emily’s studio props are available to use and photograph and we talk through specific wants and needs, camera setting help and answering anything and everything.

The day ends with coffee, tea, cake and Q&A, Emily & I are happy to answer all questions! It was a beautiful day and I so enjoyed the class and those that I met and hopefully helped. Really looking forward to planning the next one!


I can never stop taking photos, the course had ended, everyone had left and we were packing up and the pie was in the last rays of sunshine. I think I loved this image most of all.

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  • Oooo….super exciting. I haven’t been here for a while (actually, that’s a lie but I hadn’t noticed that you were doing workshops) and just came on here to tell you I’ve FINALLY finished my Manger Workshop posts – one year after finishing the workshop! Ahem.

    Anyway..I LOVE a good workshop so am happily adding myself to your newsletter and will now have a good nosey round your site again and then hopefully check out your e-courses if there’s anything on here about them. Excellent!

    All the best

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