Bright Bazaar | A Review

There is an explosion in the world of interior books at the moment, so many beautiful, inspiring and colourful offerings, my wish list for interior books is almost as long as my cook book want list. Just last month, Will Taylor of the Bright Bazaar Blog, published his first book Bright Bazaar embracing colour for make-you-smile-style. I only became aware of Will recently, he was on the list to attend the Farm Bloggers Day that I went to, unfortunately on the day Will’s to do list and upcoming American book tour meant he couldn’t make it which was a real shame for us all but in the lead up I became an avid follower of his blog and attended the book signing at London’s West Elm.


Now I love colour, I really do, but I am also someone who owns around 15 vests in varying shades of grey, Will, I doubt would acknowledge that grey is a colour. He is colourful both inside and out, from the brief time I saw of him at his launch to viewing his blog to reading his book you get that this is a seriously passionate person who genuinely lives and breathes colour and colour stories. There is great attention to detail with this book, although there is a cheerful dust jacket, beneath is so much better! I love this muted stripe – gorgeous and the edging of the book? Bright yellow. Really thoughtful and attentive.


Inside the book is split into three main sections, an introduction to colour and being brave enough to bring it into your home, even if you start with something small like the front door, or revamping an old chair. Then we move on to Colour Cocktails, Will’s colour palettes and how he was inspired from a building in Spain, sunset in New York to the simple strawberry and how easily you can create a look with these mix of colours.



The layout of the book is very clean, simple but at the same time playful with cheerful symbols/page numbers it also has a magazine editorial feel to it, there’s a Moodboard for each colour palette and whilst I know there is a resource guide at the back and it probably isn’t practical I’d love to have known where items were specifically from, I fell in love with quite a few pieces in the book and I wish there was just a hint of where they were from or where to source similar but I guess I need to go through the resource guide and scour for myself 😉

My favourite part of the book was actually the final section, Bringing Colour Home, this is were photographer Andrew Boyd shines. This spread is my favourite.

Bright-Bazaar_04I don’t just love the horse, who wouldn’t? – I completely loved the layering of floral wall paper. This part of the book, for me, was the most inspiring. I poured over each room, loving all the details and colour.

This is a really thoughtfully put together book, it’s not just beautifully photographed it’s also sprinkled with practical tips and advice. There is a comprehensive resource guide at the back so you do at least have a starting point when inspiration strikes. I think if you are afraid of introducing colour to your home or are pondering which of your grey vests you should wear today then this is the book for you.

If you’ve read this book or any other interiors books I’d love to hear your thoughts. My next book review will be this one!

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