29 Days of February


I really wanted to post on the 29th of February, I don’t know why but this leap year day always makes me a little giddy, wondering who has an anniversary or birthday they can finally, actually celebrate on the right day! It must make it extra special surely? Although it is a Monday, so not great planning…

Anyway, how was your February?


If you read my January post, you’ll know I started the year feeling, well more like the old me and this inspired curiosity continued this month and it seems my enthusiasm intrigued the family and we’ve been quite the band of adventurers! From booking a weekend to Berlin (just grown ups), to planning a family trip to Cornwall to visit friends. We also headed East for the Pretty Wall (AKA the Sugar House Studios – you can read more here), had coffee at The Townhall Hotel and Chocolate at Mast (I’m just putting together a post of images about this it was pure alchemy and such an unexpected experience!)


We went back to old haunts, strolling up and down Portobello Road and the surrounding streets, us looking for coffee, E&H looking for biscuits. We found both plus some very early blooming magnolia, that was just magnificent.

There was naturally a lot of work happening too, there’s two recipes over on Betty Magazine’s Blog. If you missed the dutch pancakes for pancake day and possibly the most indulgent brownies ever, with cream cheese and raspberries


I had a number of portrait shoots which took place on the South Bank, Notting Hill and Borough Market (you can see my portrait work here), I also photographed a renovated home for an architect and collaborated with Kallo to create a healthy, vibrant soup with their low salt stock cubes. You still have a few days to enter their competition you can find more details and my soup recipe here.


We actually did heaps more things, including a lunch at Dishooms, tea & cake at Petersham Nurseries and a trip to the theatre to see Beautiful: Carole King the Musical. My sister and I took my mum as her Christmas present. For about a decade or more, my mum had one cassette in the car and it was Carole King and she played it every single car journey, my sister and I thought it a bit of fun to get her tickets but I had no idea how incredible this show would be and what an amazing life and woman Carole King is. I was so inspired by this, my sister and I cried a little (a lot) throughout but we cry at most things and when we are together we just make each other worse! Either way it was a brilliant, brilliant show.

So, I think I can safely end this month knowing that the quest to delete 2015 is going well and I think February really pushed away many of the bad memories. We really did make the effort to forge through with lots of brilliant new experiences no matter how tiny and what a difference it makes to the everyday routine.

Now, I don’t want to sound like we flit around all day long drinking coffee at pretty places, although we have this month, the reality is we end most evenings just the four of us dancing round the living room as Haven loves music. And when she’s super happy she shows us her teeth. And you may notice the lack of ironing. And she’s wearing her brothers hand me downs. A happy reality, no?


I confess though despite this merry gallivanting, my specific goal for February, to stop the evening snacking and exercise didn’t happen once. I think I snacked more and although I walk a lot, I didn’t do any formal exercise, so again I’ll add this to the following month, this time I’m going to plan to have alternative things to snack on rather than chocolate buttons and quavers and as I’m doing a shoot for Bikram Yoga Chiswick at the end of March I really must make an appearance in class before then. So I have a bit of motivation.

Always love hearing other peoples goal progress or goal renegotiation (as I’m calling it) and I’d love to hear your March plans! xx

  • Alexia

    Oh goodness – I love this SO much Catherine! What a scrumptious bunch – here’s to a fabulous March with plenty of dancing xxReplyCancel

    • Catherine

      oh thank you Alexia, that means lots and lots, I hope you and little Sam are filling your days with drawing and dancing xoReplyCancel

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