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One of the loveliest companies I’ve worked with and a brand I have really fallen for, if you drink any kind of coffee then you really should try Cupsmith, roasted at home in their beautiful on site Roastery their carefully crafted and delicious blends are then packaged up and delivered to your door. I spent the day there a few weeks ago to create images for their website. If you try their coffee, follow along on their instagram feed and join in with the Cupsmith Hashtags, #cupsmithtravels #cupsmithdays #cupsmithwalks if you need coffee to get through the day (like me!) then this is a perfect cup every single time.



Cupsmith Coffee photography Catherine Frawley



house of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley

We managed to squeeze in a last breakfast at House of Small Wonder just before our flight home. A cash only breakfast / brunch spot at the top of the prettiest staircase I have of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley 05

Upstairs is lovely too, light filled with plants and flowers filling the room. The breakfast choices were simple, but fresh and generous and the coffee was good. It’s definitely worth the visithouse of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley 10house of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley 13house of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley 20house of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley 33house of small wonder photography Catherine Frawley 36

House of Small Wonder

ohannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin
(located next to Zenkichi)

Zeit Fur Brot Photography Catherine Frawley 03

Now I’ve made Cinnamon Rolls, the recipe is in the archives on this very blog and I came away thinking I was some kind of Cinnamon Roll genius… how wrong was I? Because I had yet to be introduced to the unbelievable offering from Berlin’s Zeit Fur Brot.

Pretty much down the road from our hotel Soho House Berlin, we were able to get there just at it opened at 8am on Sunday morning, it didn’t take long for a huge queue to form and the restaurant seats to all be taken.

These truly were the best cinnamon rolls ever, we tried a classic, cherry & white chocolate and walnut, all were divine. They were soft with an outer crunch, gooey, full of flavour and a very generous size but I think the classic was my favourite.

If you go to Berlin, please go here and have one for me.

Zeit Fur Brot Photography Catherine FrawleyZeit Fur Brot Photography Catherine Frawley 02Zeit Fur Brot Photography Catherine Frawley 04

They also do sandwiches!Zeit Fur Brot Photography Catherine Frawley 05

Zeit Fur Brot

Alte Schönhauser Str. 4, 10119 Berlin


Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_3

We kept hearing from those in the know that Berlin was bursting with creativity, not just interiors and art but the food scene was becoming a huge deal. Not just the dishes themselves but the creative uses of space, great interiors and thoughtful design. We saw many a coffee shop covered in art, graffiti and murals, and as well as serving an array of coffees, there were unusual vegetarian and vegan cakes and snacks also on offer.

Muse was suggested to us via Instagram and I’m so glad we made it. It was an effortlessly cool place, the owners started out as Supper Club hosts but due to huge demand for their exclusive home cooked dinners they ended up opening this restaurant. They still run a Supper Club at the restaurant, which you can find out the details by signing up to their mailing list.

You can check out the full menu here but the deconstructed burgers came highly recommended and we weren’t disappointed, served on a piping hot skillet with all the components to stack your own burger laid out individually. Once put together it was actually huge and I had to take it apart again to eat it! We also ordered a side of the pulled pork with apple and bbq sauce, which was delicious and if you are having a burger you need fries, which came piled generously high.

The service we received was delightful, warm and friendly. Dinner for two with wine was around 50 Euro. I’d have probably eaten there again if we’d stayed longer than two days!

Berlin Review Catherine Frawley

Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_2


Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_4Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_5Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_6Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_8Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_9Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_11

Muse Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley_7


Immanuelkirchstrasse 31
10405 Berlin

Soho House Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley

At the beginning of April, we visited Berlin, I wrote a general review over on Betty Magazine but I’ll be posting separate posts here, with more pictures on the places we loved the most during our 48 hours in Berlin.

I have to start with our accommodation. Initially we created a wish list over on AirBnB and stalked a few places that only released dates a few weeks at a time but as our flight date got nearer, we started looking at alternatives and having already been smitten with Soho House stays in Miami and Babington House in Somerset, we decided to make the most of our first trip in 3.5 years and go for Soho House Berlin. I think you’d have to be an extraordinarily hard person to please if you don’t fall completely in love with this place, we did, not least because somehow we were kindly given a room upgrade and our new room was bigger than our entire London flat! Like with all Soho House properties, the thoughtfulness in providing everything you need (giant bed, complimentary Cowshed toiletries, hair straightners and hair dryer) to everything you didn’t think you might need like a Nespresso Machine, Record Player, Cookies, Radio, 10 pillows and a giant free standing bath just makes your stay all the more special. Actually it was really hard to leave…


Reception has an impressive sweeping staircase, this space then flows into their cool cocktail bar and to the right you enter their huge Concept Store, which is a gently winding space that begins with a huge plant installation and leads to a coffee shop, a shelved area stacked with art books, clothing concessions, sofas and tables to eat or work and finally ending up at their restaurant.


Soho House Berlin Photography Catherine Frawleyberlin_153berlin_160berlin_173

During our visit there was this stunning copper table filled with cacti and succulents.


Soho House Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley

Naturally, such a large space needs some art

Soho House Berlin Photography Catherine Frawley

During our stay the rooftop pool was closed for refurbishment which was a shame but I’m sure if you visit you’ll get to experience that space and the bar on the top floors, which from the pictures I’ve seen looks absolutely incredible.

We loved our stay, if you’d like more details visit Soho House Berlin here

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